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Customer Success Stories
Dassault Systčmes Customer Success Stories (book published in English and French)

MEDSEEK / Mount Carmel Health System


Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital / MercuryMD Inc.

Nevada Army National Guard / Palm Inc.

Agilent / Fatbrain, a Barnes & Noble Company

Pumpers / VeriFone Inc.



Web Site Content & Design




VeriFone Vertical Application Services collateral
VeriFone Gift Card Vertical Application Services slick






White Papers 

The Mobile Wallet: Why It Is A Corporate Priority – And How To Overcome Three Common Challenges Of Making Mobile Payments Mainstream


Reducing Risk and the Cost of Compliance with End-to-End Encryption and Tokenization


Direct Mail
Cardinal Systems Direct Mail Postcard

Enterprise Financial Solutions Inc. Direct Mail Postcard




Harland Communications designed print, e-newsletter and online ads for EFSI's ad campaign in the Arkansas Business newspaper and e-newsletters. 





Latin America Embraces IP Technology to Advance POS Capabilities...An advertorial written by Harland Communications for VeriFone Inc. and published in Bank Technology News



Blog Ghostwriting Mercator Advisory Group
New Debit Interchange Law May Mean Big Opportunities for Prepaid Card Issuing
Another Holiday Luncheon? Oh No You Didn’t!




Contributed Articles
Handhelds help water and information flow freely at Indianapolis Water... A contributed article written by Harland Communications and published in Pen Computing magazine.



Wireless Winners: City of Lincoln Develops Handheld Applications to Help Mobile Government Workers... A feature story written by Harland Communications and published in Technical Support magazine


"Programs, Partners and Perks: It Pays to Know What is Being Done to Motivate ISOs and Why"... A cover story written by Harland Communications for Transaction World magazine.


Wireless Data Collection: Palm Handhelds and Tiny iButtons Make the Process Effortless...A cover story written by Harland Communications and published in Wireless Business & Technology magazine


Change Order management: The Right Approach Can Make Change for the Better... A feature story ghost written by Harland Communications for Owner's Perspective magazine (published by the Construction Owners Association of America).


Harland Communications edited, designed and published Industry Best Practices for Assessing Construction Risk by Roy W. Block and David O. Benouaich. This is the second book in the RWBC series.  Harland Communications ($50.00)



Harland Communications edited, designed and published Industry Best Practices for Managing Capital Investment by Roy W. Block and David O. Benouaich. Harland Communications ($25.00) 


Handheld Medicine Solutions Guide, an eBook written by Steve Niles, Darwin J. Liao, Andrew Morton, Christine Harland Williams (of Harland Communications) and Michael Collins.  Zatz Publishing ($19.95)


Christine Harland Williams provided information for Keri Hayes and Susan Kuchinskas' book, Going Mobile: Building the Real-Time Enterprise with Mobile Applications that Work.
CMP Books ($29.95)

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Christine for 10 years... She's smart and professional and simply becomes an extension of our marketing department.

Christine is well organized and always makes a deadline. She is flexible and rolls with the punches as project goals change over time. Christine is truly a joy to work with. I would choose her for any project, any time, period."

-Vice President, Marketing at Elavon, Inc. (formerly NOVA Information Systems)

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